About us


As you landed on this website, there is a pretty high chance that you are one of those unique people who love miniatures and all the inspiring worlds around them. If so, we are very happy to welcome you as the fellow friend!

Miniature war gaming is our great passion and we are devoting huge part of our lives to it. In our efforts, we are always aiming to inspire and bring awesome fantasies into reality.

We deeply hope that you will enjoy our work!


Who we are?

Awaken Realms beginning is one of those „left corporation and started following their passion” kind of story. It was started by two young friends from financial sector who took a path of creating inspiring pieces and devoted themselves fully to their hobby.


Today, Awaken Realms is one of the biggest miniature painting studios worldwide with over a dozen of talented painters on board. We are fully professional, registered company and painting miniatures is an activity we are dedicating all our time and efforts. You can expect the best standard from us, and we will do everything to exceed it.

Who do we stand for?


We strongly believe that passion is a necessity in our lives. It motivates us in everyday activities and encourages us to aim for perfection. Sharing this passion is a great happiness but also responsibility that we are ready to honor.


This great hobby is also a group of people with similar values and ways of spending their free time. We are happy to be the part of this community, and as such, we would like to bring value to all the miniature figures hobbyists.


Our work is driven by constant inspiration. We are sure, that using imagination and diving into fantasy worlds brings forgotten colors to our reality. Heaving said that, our purpose is to transfer our inspiration and bring it to our customers.

Our experience

We are in this hobby for quite a while, inspired mainly by Warhammer Fantasy Game and Warhammer 40 000.

We have completed commissions of all sorts, from FW biggest titans to  over 10 000 points Warhammer 40 000 armies . In other words – you can leave things to us, and sleep well. We won’t disappoint you, it’s a promise!



Our company is placed in one of the biggest cities in Poland – Wrocław. We have turned our headquarter into every painter dreamland with all the paints and tools available. Thanks to that, we have a lot of options when it comes to execution of orders and we  always try to do something unique.

The Edge

The Edge is a new miniature game we are currently developing set in original Steam-punk universe created from scratch. We are devoting a great deal of effort into this project in an attempt to create an unforgettable miniature experience and an immersive story. We hope you will follow this project and take part in the forming community around it.